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  • Education Course: Certificate in University Teaching (2019 - 2020)

    • Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON​

    • Successful completion of the course which taught best practices for education at the university level, such as active teaching styles, pedagogy, and online learning tools.

  • Research Workshop: Sun’s Out Fun’s Out (2019)

    • Ryerson University, Toronto, ON​

    • Learned how to build dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) with the Koivosto group. Participated in a hands on workshop developing all components of the DSSC from anode preparation, dying, and cell testing under natural light.

  • EDI Retreat: LOGIC (Leaders Overcoming Gender Inequality in Chemistry) Retreat (2019)

    • Lavelle University, Quebec, QC

    • Participated in discussion and workshops on equity and diversity in chemistry roles across Canada and the globe. There was a focus on mentorship from women in academia, and being empowered to help those who are under represented in all chemistry roles.

  • Standard First Aid and CPR-A (2019)

    • Canadian Red Cross, Oshawa, ON​

  • Laser Safety (2019)

    • Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON​

  • Fire Safety Training (2019)

    • Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON​

  • Radiation Safety Training (2018)

    • Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON​

  • WHMIS Safety Training (2016)

    • Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON​​​

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