• Workshop (Internal): "Inquiry-Based Learning with STEM"  (2019)

    • Kennedy, J. (DDSB STEM Facilitator) with assistance from Ontario Tech's Women in Chemistry chapter

    • Professional Development (PD) Day Workshop

    • A PD day workshop was organized by DDSB's STEM facilitator (J. Kennedy) with assistance from Ontario Tech's Women in Chemistry chapter. The workshop discussed ways to run inquiry-based learning activities for science learning goals in the primary classroom. Many of the participants were kindergarten teachers.

  • Lecture (National): "Transitioning undergraduate students from a course-based laboratory student to active researcher" (2019)

    • Laschuk, N.O. & Zenkina, O.V.*

    • ​102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Quebec, QC

    • This presentation was delivered in the Chemical Education section of CCCE. I discussed how we as graduate students can apply theory from teaching pedagogy on inquiry-based learning to effectively transition undergraduate students into research-based roles (such as an undergraduate thesis).

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